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In the photo below, Dr Karen Jacobsen is demonstrating a portable, home-made, vortex feed dryer

on a dairy farm near Tbililsi, Georgia, in 2010.

Hair dryer vortex Method for Dry Matter Testing

(home-made funnel plus hair-dryer)

Karen L Jacobsen, BS, DVM, MS  email: KLJVET@gmail.com  US cell: 706-340-0999


  1. Use a plastic gallon US milk jug, or other funnel-shaped device.
  2. Tape plastic screen material over the top opening of the jug.
  3. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the jug with a scissors.
  4. Use an elbow-shaped PVC tube plus adapter to cover the screened jug top. Tape this to the jug.
  5. Keep a cut piece of screen, about 22 cm x 22 cm (10” x 10”) to cover the bottom hole when drying feed.
  6. Weigh the feed before and after drying. (See Microwave Dry Matter Testing:  KarenJacobsen.net )
  7. Turn the assembly upside down, and add 50g or 100 g of the wet feed to the hole in the bottom of the jug.
  8. Cover with square piece of screen and attach hair dryer to the PVC elbow.
  9. Use hair dryer on high setting to rapidly dry the sample, while creating a vortex (whirling) motion inside the jug.
  10. Remove dry feed and weigh.