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Dr. Karen L. Jacobsen has been a veterinarian for 45 years.  She spent 22 of these years in academia.  While a college professor, she received numerous awards for both research and teaching.  She was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year 4 times by the veterinary student classes at the University of Georgia, and received the coveted Norden Distinguished Teacher Award. Dr. Jacobsen consults with veterinarians and farms locally and internationally.

Areas of Focus

Dairy International Development

Cow Comfort & Cow Welfare

Dairy Nutrition

Sustainable Agriculture

Dairy Reproduction
Rotational Grazing                                                                                                      

Quality Milk Production
Milkers' Schools in Spanish
Labor Training (Bilingual)
Dairy Economics & Records

Interferons, Immunotherapy, and Virology
Veterinary Vaccination & Treatment Protocols


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Dr. Karen L. Jacobsen

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Dr. Karen Jacobsen volunteering in Nandi County, Kenya, with Catholic Relief Services via the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program in 2016.

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